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Dr Sarah Myhill MB BS

Does she help or hinder? by Stella Bernardi

Dr Myhill is a dedicated doctor, practicing privately in Powys, Wales. She specialises in treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with spectacular results. She seeks to ascertain the CAUSE of an illness, and not just to treat the symptoms with drugs. She treats people from all over the UK. She has an excellent website in which she gives advice on nutrition, supplements, and hormones. Her methods were challenged - because she recommends Vitamin B12 injections and because the information on her website was 'very worrying' and that 'patients are being seriously misled'.

For this she appeared before the General Medical Council in London on 29th April 2010 has been banned from prescribing drugs and told to take down part of her website. A report of this is to be found on the BBC website here and in case it is removed I have saved it here.

I was alerted to this situation by one of our members who sent me this email:-
"This is a sad day for people with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia. Dr Myhill who works continuously to help people with these conditions lost her case to continue to practice as she has been. The General Medical Council has put restrictions on her licence for 18 months with further enquiries being made in 6 months. She has been through a nightmare for years over this with the GMC and they are continuing to hound her for another 6 months. Whether she will be able to maintain her strength to keep fighting for us, I don't know, we can only hope she can. I would think there will be a lot more petitions flying around to support her in the next 6 months, so watch this space.

I have seen Sarah privately, but today's news certainly means I will lose my appeal which I have with the NHS shortly, to be referred to her.

If you like Sarah's website articles see and I suggest you print them out as she has been asked to delete many of them."

There is no way I could save all of her website as it is too vast but I endeavoured to save some of the pages most relevant to fibro patients before they were dismantled. Links on Sarah's site may not work, it all depends on what is done to the site but I thought that it was worth salvaging some of it, whether or not you may want to make some printouts.

Strangely, on the same day I received a recommendation for Dr Myhill's site from another of our members! So naturally I leapt into the breach! Here are some pages from Dr Myhill's site:-

Why Sarah Myhill has been attacked in this way is incomprehensible. I can only wish her well and hope that she will, somehow, be able to continue to help people. Her patients think very highly of her.

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